Thursday, 12 September 2013

End of year exhibition by the Textiles surface decoration and construction course at WMC

End of year exhibition in the beautiful WMC library

"homage to hessian" by Anna Kashdan

"print and embroidery" by Francilla Seaton

"hearts and flowers" by Chaya Beeharry

"Happiness" by Masrura Khakimova

"Hand quilted cushion" by Khadijeh Khedri

"Cushion" by Michelle Urquhart

"Little wall hangings for children" by Silvia Acosta Palma

"Adapted knitted coat" by Deborah Wilkinson

"sensory hanging made for RNIB" by Janice Keisinger

"Embroidered hanging" by Michelle Urquhart

"Let it sing" by Anna Kashdan

"Embroidered evening gown" by Khadijeh Khedri

"Evening gown" by Caroline Aimee Hawkins

"Constructed, embellished and re-invented garment" by Federica (Stella)

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